PPOA Mission Statement

The mission of the Pecan Plantation Owners Association (PPOA), is to provide its members with a secure and pleasant place in which to live or invest and a place that will maintain or enhance the value of the real property in which they have invested. It will be the policy of the PPOA to advance an agenda that is in the best interest of the membership as a whole. PPOA will always strive to provide the best possible amenities and services consistent with good business practices. This goal is to be achieved by:
Providing the physical infrastructure such as safe, serviceable, and attractive roads and parking areas; and for reliable utility services for light, power, communication, heat, sewage treatment and trash removal.
Providing competent professional and volunteer management for all services, amenities, and facilities.
Maintaining existing recreational facilities and infrastructure.
Developing and maintaining new facilities to meet the perceived needs of the community as a whole.
Operating the services, facilities and amenities in a manner consistent with membership mandated by-laws; and covenants and restrictions.
Providing for open communication between PPOA management and the members and to encourage mutual respect between all members despite differences of opinion.
DATE: March 28, 2000

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