Misc Info

GISD Bus Unloading at Airport

Election Calendar 2007-2008

2003 PPOA Drainage Study by Alan Plummer & Associates

Chief Raffa’s PP VFD&EMS Petition for $10 Dues Increase

Chief Raffa’s Letter to PP VFD&EMS Board

EMS Word Search Puzzle

By-Laws Committee’s Formal “Rejection Letter” of Dave Raffa’s VFD&EMS Funding Proposal

Discharge Into Brazos River

Third Entrance Presentation (very large Powerpoint file)

AARP 10 Point “Bill of Rights” for HOAs - Full Report

2008 PPOA Board Candidate Q&A

2009 PPOA Board Candidate Q&A

2009 PPOA Board Candidate Q&A (Word File)

2010 PPOA Board Candidate Q&A

2008 PP VFD&EMS Ballot

Fall Creek Highway “Disposal Well” Permit

The Landings Airport

WEC Petition

Example WEC Letter of Protest

PPOA Letter on “Vehicle Removal” of January 24th, 2007

PPOA June 2008 Motion to Dismiss RV Lawsuit

LENMO II Ballot - December, 2000

PPOA RV Lawsuit Settlement Offer of 08-27-08

PPOA RV Lawsuit Settlement Agreement of 02-23-09

Final RV Settlement Agreements:  RVs  Boats Trailers

RV, Boat and Trailer Enforcement Letter of August 2009

October 2007 Columns Article on Enforcement of RVs, Boats & Trailers

2008 PP Golf Course “Master Plan”

Hot Springs Village Article

Mike “Robo” Robinius Biographical Information for Board Candidacy

2009 Marina Long Range Plan

Orchard (Anthony) Chemical Spraying 2009 Notification Letter

2009 Chemical Spraying MSDS Provided by PPOA

Swine Flu CDC Fact Sheet

Lloyd Hinkle’s By-laws Amendment Proposal

Bob Cote’s By-laws Amendment Proposal

Chester Howard’s By-laws Amendment Proposal

John Gehring’s By-laws Amendment Proposal

Robo Robinius By-laws Amendment Proposal

TPWD Whitetail Deer Study

Group of Five Directors - “Who We Are”

Group of Five Directors - “Our Pledge to PPOA Members”

“Coffee Grinders” Launch Attack on Group of Five

“The PGGA”

PETA’s Humane Deer Control Suggestions

PPOA Deer Trapping Operation

PGGA Attacks Three PPOA Board Members

PPCMA Position Paper on March 2010 Bylaws Amendments

Horse Pasture Land Swap Agreement

Member Receives PGGA Endorsement in Official PPOA Voting Material

Board of Directors Resignations & Changes of March 2010

JRJ Paving Contract of 2005

“Neighbors Promoting Truth” Town Hall Presentation

Former PPOA President and Employee of the “Developer” Explains His Rush to File an Incorporation Petition without Community Discussion

County Judge Andy Rash’s Position on Incorporation

Judge Messina’s Letter after Temporary Injunction Hearing

Temporary Injunction Order Stopping Pecan Incorporation Vote

Final Summary Judgment Ends Incorporation Petition

Chuck Neal Letter

Senate Bill 472

House Bill 2761

June 2011 Columns Opinion Letter

2011 Golf Project AFE $2.8 Million

2011 Golf Greens AFE $1 Million

PPOA Bylaws Article 7 Section 10 - Capital Limitations

New Texas Property Code Sections for HOAs

Summary of New Texas Laws (2011) & HOA “To Do” List

Tomlinson Original Petition

Tomlinson District Court Decision

Tomlinson Appeal Court Memorandum Opinion


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